Bubba Ray's Road Trip Eatery Review

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    Bubba Ray\'s Road Trip Eatery Review

    Lodi, Californy; the Golden Ox Cafe. Being that my first time in this quaint establishment, I did not know what the expect.

    The outside entrance is guarded by several rank looking rustlers, but we past unmolested. The inside was packed, not surprising for a Saturday morning, plus it was telling me that this place was good.

    Inside, there are cases upon glass cases of model trains, with a track above the diners with a running train. Appropriately enough, it was a train decked out in olive drab paint scheme.

    The next item that brought my attention to it was the collection of baseball cards next to the order counter. But before I digress, I ordered what every true redneck orders, the biscuits and gravy. Then I turned my attention to the card display.

    But it wasn't any old card display, these "playas" were members of the Lodi Police Department and all I have to say is that they have some hotties that can come "search" me anytime they want. /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

    We sat down and let me say, the service was quicker than Bill Clinton escaping from the truth. The portions were more than adequate. I was pleasantly surprised by the chunks of mild spicy sausage, which I surmise was from the Jimmy Dean line of pork products. /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

    In recap, I must recommend the Golden Ox Cafe in Lodi, Californy.

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