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Build the best paper airplane in the world

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dontoe, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. dontoe

    dontoe 3/4 ton status GMOTM Winner

    May 7, 2004
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    Hickory, N.C.
    [size=-1]By: Michael O'Reilly[/size]

    [size=-1]During the summer of 1950, on the outskirts of Harrisburg Pennsylvania U.S.A., my sister's boyfriend "Skip" was sitting on the glider on the front porch of our house. He said to me - "Hey Mike... bring me a sheet of paper." I answered why? and he responded with his make believe impatience "Just bring it!" I obeyed and he said that he was going to build the best paper airplane in the world. I was eight years old at the time and my meager knowledge of paper airplanes was the traditional flying wedge that spiraled into tight loops and fell head first to the ground.

    When he started folding the paper, I knew this was something different, something special. He never explained how he did it but every move, every fold, every detail was burned into my memory. After he finished, we walked the porch handrail and he gently tossed it horizontally towards the street. It glided like no paper airplane I have ever seen before, it was acting like a REAL airplane. It gently curved into the slight breeze and began to rise vertically without moving forward. The craft then began to lower as if it were a helicopter and gently came to rest on the asphalt below.

    Over the years, I have shown many eight year old children this paper plane. I don't know if they will remember but I hope they pass the knowledge on.[/size]

    [size=-1]What makes this paper airplane so special?

    [size=+1]|[/size][size=+1] Assembly instructions - How to build it | Printer friendly instructions |
    |How to fly it[/size][size=+1] | [/size][size=+1]Awards page[/size][size=+1] | [/size][size=+1]Top of page |[/size]

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  2. justhorsinaround

    justhorsinaround 3/4 ton status

    Sep 16, 2003
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    Northerish Phoenix, Az
    Boy that took a long time. Pretty cool little plane in the end though. :thumb:
  3. Ryan B.

    Ryan B. 3/4 ton status GMOTM Winner

    Jul 18, 2001
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    Yep. I always make that paper airplane, without the tail.
    Everyone is amazed when my airplane flies 10X better than theirs. :rolleyes: :wink1:

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