build the system for my K5 here...

Discussion in 'Audio' started by MudNurI, Mar 5, 2003.

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    The time is coming close- time for REAL tunes in the K5- After going over a year with nothing- last summer- we put in a Jensen receiver with 2 pioner 6x9's in the front and I dont even know what the big box thing is in the back...There are no speakers in the rear panels- and none in the dash...

    list your "system" for my k5- and an approximate cost of it- along with how its gonna sound with the top off- cruisin...It's gotta be able to sound good playing all kinds of music- from Garth Brooks- to Eminem...

    oh- the dash is already cut- so its gotta be able to go back there.
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    Ok Here is mine

    Head Unit: Pioneer DEH-7400MP works great, shoulda got the premier version
    Dash Speakers: 3.5" Memphis, sound great but dont really add that much to the sound level
    Door Speakers: Kenwood 6" Previous owner put them in, they dont sound all that well without an amp but the amp helped out a lot.
    Door Speakers Amp: Us Acoustics 4 Channel Amp 85x4 Watts Added a lot of sound quality and mid bass to my stereo.
    Sub Woofers: 2 12" Audiobahn Alum12Q's Sound absolutely amazing. Great tight bass for rock, yet low drawn out bass for rap.
    Sub Woofer Amp: AudioBahn A1300HCX 1000x1 RMS at Mono Output, puts out a ton of power. Needs a couple capacitators to support it.

    You Will also need subwoofer boxes for the subwoofers. I made my own and I made them seperate. I have the possibility of taking one of the subwoofers and placing it behind the drivers seat and still enjoy awesome bass when the top is off. All in all I still need more mid bass and high's. I dont get quite as loud as I want without distortion. /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif I would also reccommend XM satellite radio. I have it and it kicks ass. Never fades out and I can still listen to it without any skipping when I am off roading. My total cost for my stereo is under $2000 that is with myself doing the install. Feel free to ask me any questions.
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    How about something like this?.....


    Seriously, the most important thing (and I know I sound like a broken record in this forum!) is a QUALITY head unit. Start with something that has a high voltage output (4V or higher!)....think of it as the "heart" that drives everything else you'll be installing. Once you realize how important it is to find a deck like that.....there WON'T be very many decks left on the market to choose from, there's a lot of mediocre stuff out there.

    After that (if it were ME) I'd concentrate on the front soundstage. That means good quality mids/tweets somewhere down low, but angled up towards the listening position. Doing this part right will really eat up lots of time and it comes down to how BAD you want it. Pre-made kickpanel enclosures might be a good compromise between a generic "door mount" and a "full custom" installation.

    Subs - You'll want some. /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif Since you're running a truck with a closed cab, it might make sense to try to get them somewhere "under the canopy" to help contain the bass a little bit. Playing subs into the open sky takes a LOT of power if you still want to hear them. Some side-mounted enclosures would be nice, and would preserve your access to the rear seat areas for the "little ones" that still need to ride there.

    Amps - Yes please! Depending on how you do your front speakers (how many, how big, etc) You can probably do OK with a reasonable sized amp 100W x 2?...the subs need more juice because of their larger can't move them as quickly (or stop them) with too LITTLE power. I run about 200W to each of mine and that seems to be good.

    After that it's tuning, tuning, tuning....getting the crossover points correct will allow the speakers to seamlessly blend together and make a believable soundstage. If the subs play too much upper-bass, the sound will smear and you'll be able to localize them (You will know the subs are behind the seats, etc)

    Rear Speakers....I don't think about the rear speakers much. The effect is minimal (some extra ambience) so if you want to add them....put them in the "way back" area....and run them with moderate power. If the head unit you buy has a small internal amp, this might be the place to utilize it. The key is to make sure those rears don't play any just sucks too much power, and they won't be a large enough speaker (typically) to do it well anyway.
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    what did you say your address was Greg? just jokin
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    ok, here goes, head unit Pioneer 4400, not bad, im poor, leave me alone, but really i am impressed for the price, but i would go with 7400, friend just got it, badass. disconnected front 3 1/2, pointless to me, put Q-Forms in if you got money, they are extremely expensive for a piece of plastic, but look and sound awesome, they direct the sound right to your head, in each i got sony 5.25 3-way x-plods, i would go 6.5 if i could do it again, they sound VERY good, in back i got 2 sony 6X9 3-way speakers, very nice, and for subs, i got 2 kenwood tornadoes in a bandpass box, each with its own kenwood 600 watt amp, they sound very good, hit very hard for rap, and if you get a deck with bass mute, they will kick ass for country, BUT, dont get the bandpass for these subs, get sealed. and honestly, i could not be more proud and impressed with my system i love it, and it will sound AWESOME without your top on, but advice: don't go with my amps, i only got em cuz a friend sold em to me for half price, get help from someone else as far as amps go, but otherwise i know what im talkin about. i hope this helps, and one last thing: Pioneer- very good, dont go below 4400 series; Sony- AWESOME speakers, i love them, awesome mids and highs, as long as you stay with 3-ways; Kenwood subs- very good, hit hard, clear, use sealed box; Kenwood amps- not bad, not enough for their price; Q-Forms- WOW, i love mine, but wanna kick someones ass everytime i think of how much they cost (~$200). thaz about it, let us know what you go with, (sorry for the novel /forums/images/graemlins/crazy.gif)

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