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    I guess I'm just use to a differant forum that I use to visit for my F150, but ever time I see somebody with a nice truck in their avatar I instinctivly click on it hoping to see their photo gallarie. I havent noticed anything in a user's profile that helps me to find their truck in the gallarie. Is there a way to automaticly put a user's photo gallarie in their profile, or a link to it. Most users dont seem to link to their photos so when I see a truck I like and want to look at more it takes forever to find it in the gallaries.
    Is there an easier way to find them?

    Anyways, that other forum I use to go to had it where when you click on their avatar their profile comes up and has a link in it (by default) to view their gallarie. Something like that would make it easier to check out all the great trucks here.

    Is something like that in effect and I just havent found it out yet?

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