Burbanzilla HAS WINDOWS!

Discussion in '1936-Present Suburban' started by Ddragggon, Jan 23, 2002.

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    yes, of all amazement, and incredibly incredibleness, my 73 K20 `Burbanzilla' now has windows in it!! all that remains is fixing the tailgate motor/window, and I'll have it made! last night, my brother and I spent about 2 hours, and almost a gallon of soap squeezing the windows, and window lace into place. with that done, I have no fear whatsoever of the damn things ever falling out.

    as my brother put it, `its a lot quieter in here now' which is indeed a very true thing... it'll be even better when I throw some carpet down on the floor, and get a seat cover for the front bench to cover up the gaping hole in the drivers side, and get an upholstery/carpet cleaner, and clean up the benches a little. next phase: put some ugly paint over the primer... preferably in a flat-primerlike color, and I'm set!!

    oh yeah, and overhaul the engine...


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