buying from 4WPW in the future?

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    Jul 15, 2001
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    After the posts about not getting the 10% discount on "in store" purchases, I came up with an idea-

    In the January 4WOR mag- there is like a 5 page add for 4WPW, anyhow, at the top of one of those pages, it says receive a 10% bonus on any gift certificate- hence pay 100. get a 110 gift certificate- if you are thinking of buying from them, this winter, or even next spring- why not buy yourself (or have someone else ) buy you a gift certificate, and that way you'll get your 10%. It does NOT specify either on line or in store purchase etc... just a thought- I for one am not ordering anything from them , but thought maybe one of you might be-


    LOVING the new Duramax!!!

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