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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by sickquad, Jun 23, 2004.

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    So I'm going to invest in a set of springs for the K5. Going with 2", cutting the hell out of the fenders and hoping to run 36's. If I need more room I'm going to make some body lift pucks. I probably will.

    For the trails we run around here, being low with big tires is better than jacked way up in the air. Some pretty steep angles.

    Ordering the springs from ORD this week. Can you tell me if I will need to put angle shims underneath my axles to correct my driveline angle? I have a 700R4 and a NP203.

    How about steering problems with a 2" lift?

    I have ten bolts now and 1-Ton gear waiting to be rebuilt when I have the money. So the ten bolts will be used this summer.

    Can ORD sell me extended brake lines? Any discount for being a CK5 member?

    Thanks for the info

  2. Stephen

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    With a 2" lift you probably won't need any degree shims at all, so that should be pretty easy.

    With a 36" tire, you may want to consider a bit more lift since your approach and departure angles are still going to be pretty low. I ran my K5 with 3-5" of lift and everything from a 31-37" tire and the shorter lift still left some to be desired even with a bigger tire. Same with my sub but for it's intended purpose it's tolerable. I'm not trying to talk you out of it, I'm all about shorter trucks with bigger tires but it's one more thing you may want to look at.

    With the 2" you won't have to mess with the steering for it to be functional, I got away with the stock stuff with the 3" on the 'burb but you may want to consider the 2" drop pitman arm. I got a little better street feel when I put it on. It took away the little bit of brake steer I had before installing the arm.

    Brakelines may be fine, you could probably run an extended rubber line, or we have the longer braided lines.

    We don't have any discount on the parts you're asking about but we usually throw in some stickers and hats for CK5 members on orders like this. It's a small bone but still nice to get.
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    If you do 2" lift in the front, consider 3" lift in the rear. I just installed this combo on my '89 Blazer and it sets perfect. Thanks to the suggestion from Stephen.

    The only problem that I had was that the lift screwed up my rear driveline angles.

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