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    If you live in California, you might find this interesting....

    February 10, 2003

    CONTACT: Info@RecallGrayDavis.Com

    California Uproar!
    Over 10,000 Sign up at
    Website in First 96 Hours!

    (SACRAMENTO) – Former Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian, Statewide Chair of the Recall Gray Davis Committee, announced today that, “In the first 96 hours since the Recall Gray Davis effort was launched, over 10,000 Californians have signed up to join the recall campaign at the official recall website, .”

    Supporters of the recall drive herald from every part of the state. They have registered to circulate petitions and volunteer their time and energy to ensure the recall qualifies for a spot on a special election ballot.

    The campaign also announced today that it has published a “Question & Answers” forum to address questions on the recall process, the timeline of the recall effort, how a recall election would occur and who would succeed Gray Davis when the recall succeeds. A link to the “Questions & Answers” forum can be found at the website.

    “Californians are clearly fed up with the corrupt and incompetent policies of Gray Davis. The people feel betrayed by the lies and deception Davis used to hide the seriousness of the state’s budget crisis, only to reveal the truth after he was re-elected. But Californians are taking action with this recall effort to save their schools, their public safety services, and their take home pay!” declared Kaloogian.

    Supporters of the recall have signed up after learning of the website from emails, talk radio shows and word of mouth. The recall campaign is demonstrating how effective the Internet has become in American politics today.

    “The Recall Gray Davis campaign is committed to organizing the tens of thousands of Californians we will need to carry out this recall effort in record time and with ample signatures to spare. We are in discussions with leaders from all political parties to ensure that this is a broad-based effort that unites the people of this state out of their shared disdain for Governor Davis’ deceptive methods and destructive policies,” Kaloogian declared.

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