cali. frame hight law?

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    i was talking to a guy down the road. he had two trucks on 44s one was a longbed xtra cab ford.80ish. and a 80 something short weelbase chevy(both nice lookin trucks). the chevy had a boxed frame,but the part right under the door had been lowered about 4 inches. i figgured it was just to lower the crossmember for driveshaft reasons. he said that california changed there bumper law to a frame law.the frame law is 30 inches for a half ton and 32 or something for a three quarter ton.i dont know if this is b.s.but he went to a lot of work to make it look was grinded smooth,tapered up nice and neat,and the whole frame was powder not even close to being that tall but i was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this? (it was hard to belive him when i saw 10blt axles with 6 shocks each front and back on the chevy) /forums/images/icons/cool.gif
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    <font color="green"> CA law is for the frame height, but there is also a headlight provision. Here are the applicable laws and the sections that they are from -

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    Headlamps - CA vehicle code division 12, Chapter 2, Section 24400 . During darkness, every motor vehicle other than a motorcycle, shall be equipped with at least two lighted headlamps, with at least one on each side of the front of the vehicle, and, except as to vehicles registered prior to January 1, 1930, they shall be located directly above or in advance of the front axle of the vehicle. The headlamps and every light source in any headlamp unit shall be located at a height of not more than 54 inches nor less than 22 inches.

    Frame and floor height - CA vehicle code division 12, Chapter 1, Section 24008.5.
    Frame heights -

    Up to 4,500 pounds GVWR
    27 inches

    4,501 to 7,500 pounds GVWR
    30 inches

    7,501 to 10,000 pounds GVWR
    31 inches

    (c) The lowest portion of the body floor shall not be more than five inches above the top of the frame. (I.E. 5" max body lift /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif )

    (d) The following definitions govern the construction of this section:

    (1) "Frame" means the main longitudinal structural members of the chassis of the vehicle or, for vehicles with unitized body construction, the lowest main longitudinal structural members of the body of the vehicle.

    (2) "Frame height" means the vertical distance between the ground and the lowest point on the frame, measured when the vehicle is unladen on a level surface at the lowest point on the frame midway between the front axle and the second axle on the vehicle.

    (3) "GVWR" means the manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating, as defined in Section 390, whether or not the vehicle is modified by use of parts not originally installed by the manufacturer.

    [/ QUOTE ]
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    BTW, the law didn't change, it's been the same for years. I've never heard of a bumper height law in CA.

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