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Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by ntsqd, Mar 5, 2007.

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    Fwd'd from my CORVA contact:

    Hello all, I got a call from Ed Waldhiem this morning from Sacramento
    He needs our support, he is seeking the recently vacated seat on the
    OHVMR commission.

    The following is what I have been posting on the OHV chat boards

    The OHV commission, the group that controls our green and red sticker
    money, recently had a member quit. This group consists of seven
    appointed people all appointed by the California Governor. The OHV scales
    are still tipped towards Anti-OHV people. I think all have read and witnessed
    the downright craziness of what has come of our green sticker program.

    We NEED a Pro-OHV person on this commission or our
    green/red sticker money
    will continue to go towards non-OHV agendas.

    CORVA President and former member of the commission, Ed Waldheim is
    willing to go back on the commission. We need to let Governor
    Schwarzenegger know “WE WANT ED WALDHEIM BACK.”

    We Need Ed Waldhiem Back on the Commission that controls OUR Green
    sticker money period, Ed is a leader, the OHMVR needs the leadership and
    direction it has been lacking to get back on track.

    Please write, fax, Email, Phone the Governors office As
    Soon As Possible!

    The following link has all the contact info for the Governors office…

    Wayne Nosala
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    Thanks for the information. I'll do what I can and contact via the link.
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    Thanks for posting that, ntsqd. You beat me to it.:D

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