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    Hey the people at the junk yard with the front and rear difs
    I wanted to look at finaly got ahold of me!!Just got back from the bone yard.The axles he said were out of a K30 was'nt what they were supose to be.The front was a 44 and the rear was a 14 bolt though and they did have 4.56 gears.
    He wanted $400 for the pair.He also had a 44 out of a blazer
    with 4.56 gears and a detroit locker!Forgot to ask what he wanted for it though.But thats not all he said he had another old truck up on the hill that was a K30!!He took me up there and it was a dana 60!!He said he would have to have a little more for that pair.He's going to check the gear ratio for me,but for $500 for the pair I dont care what they are!!!I think I might have got a little lucky today!He's got a few other parts around there,I'm going to check out what else he has friday.You want me to look for any thing for you?

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    Man, looks like you hit the mothers load and with decent prices.

    I wish I could have you look for stuff, but i am broke right now, my 4x4 piggy bank is bone dry. But I will keep it in mind! I could make a huge list if I had Big pockets! :)

    4.56's would be nice, especially with a Detroit up fornt!


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