Calling on any Alaskan Brother for help.

Discussion in 'North Region' started by k2mslskier, Jul 17, 2006.

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    Hello to everyone up North...

    I was wondering if I may ask anyone in Anchorage for a favor. My younger brother lives up there and he is having trouble with his Toyota 4Runner. Apparently he was trying to get his tranny replaced since his original(it's an 87) died on him some time ago. Well he was able to find a replacement and since that wiped out his funds a "friend of a friend" was going to do the work for him...since my brother isn't too terribly mechanically inclined. Well I guess the "friend" flaked, so now he is basically screwed.

    I'm asking if anyone may know of a decent shop or someone that might be able to help him out and not rape him in the process. He's kind of on a limited are alot of us I know.

    I'm not asking for a miracle or a "freebie" by any means, I'm willing to assist or do whatever I can, even though I am a few thousand miles away. I'm just a guy trying to look out for his little brother.

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    He needs to look up Kurt Hala or one of his guys at

    He also needs to register at the link in my sig if hes the internet type.

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