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  1. walrus101

    walrus101 Registered Member

    Apr 9, 2000
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    i am wanting to get a cam for my 88. i want just a mild cam round 2000-2500 to 5000-5500. i want more low end torgue and mid range. my question is how much lift and duration can i get away with on a stock 350? i will have a air filter and exhaust, heads will be worked at a latter date.


    goo goo gaju
  2. Brian 89KBlazer

    Brian 89KBlazer 1/2 ton status

    Feb 17, 2000
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    Ontario, Canada
    Like I said on a previous post, try a Crane CompuCam. They make the 114112 and the 114122. The 112 is for more low end grunt idle rpm - up and the 122 has an rpm range of 1500-up (or something like that). They are both relatively low lift/duration cams at 194I/204E @ 0.050 - 0.401"I/0.423"E lift (114112) and 204I/214E @ 0.050 - 0.423"I/0.446"E lift respectively. They are both designed for TBI friendly operation and Summit Racing got an extra 40HP out of a 305 with one!

    I think the bottom end rpm range you are looking at (2000-2500) is a bit high for a trail machine and maybe even a daily driver. If you do mostly street and rodding, then that would be different.

    Good Luck
    Still in search of the TBI KING!!

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