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    Nov 28, 2001
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    Im doing a camshaft swap here soon. I would like to know what cam would be best. Im looking for good low end torque, fairly rough idle but nothing too radical. Any help is appreciated.
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    Feb 14, 2001
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    To get specific we would need to know what size engine you have, year, and is it carb. or FI?

    As a general guideline a camshaft with lower duration numbers would increase torque, but also sacrifice more horsepower as the numbers go lower. So to increase torque in your engine you would need a camshaft that has lower duration numbers than the cam that is in your engine now.

    Here are a few suggestions IMO for the 2 most common engines in a K5.

    Post 1987 350 with TBI
    -Crane Cams CRN-104211 (Dur @ .5 - 194*/204*, Lift .407"/.429")
    -Edelbrock EDL-3702 (Dur @ .5 - 194*/214*, Lift .398"/.442")

    Pre 1987 350 with Carb.
    -Comp Cams CCA-12-231-2 (Dur 206*/214*, lift .432"/.453")
    -Crane Cams CRN1144112 (Dur 194*/204*, lift .401"/.423)

    Hope this helps. These are my opinions, these cams will give you the most torque but sacrifice some horsepower.

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