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    Just bought a used 84 Blazer Silverado 6.2 diesel. Drove it less than 100 miles, heard a NASTY noise from the front end.. there was grease shooting out from a missing (screw??) on the hub cap and the same type of grease all over the leaf spring, shock absorber and wheel well but none on the back side of the tire... I was in 2w at the time.. but had been in 4h and 4l previously but it didn't seem like I was getting 4 wd.. I'm not a mechanic (obviously) and was looking for a dependable vehicle to tow my horse trailer (which I was not doing at the time, thank god).. Does anyone have any idea what might have gone wrong so that I'll have an idea before I spend a million from some one who thinks he's got an easy target???? Educated guesses are welcome!!! Please help! Thank you.
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    Heres a wild guess...what kinda hubs are they? You might have shot one.....

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