CAN CAN: 14 Sheets Into The Wind

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Resurrection_Joe, Feb 4, 2005.

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    Gettysburg, SD
    [CanmoreK5] Allo?
    [3_on_the_tree] speak freak
    [CanmoreK5] ERxperiencing my leap of faith at this very moment, sorry
    [Resurrection_Joe] Knock koncokkerssss
    [CanmoreK5] And very drunbk to boot
    [CanmoreK5] Vodak is good
    [CanmoreK5] HI rezzy!!!!
    [Resurrection_Joe] how many in ya ?
    [CanmoreK5] Missyou
    [Resurrection_Joe] HI BUDDY !
    [3_on_the_tree] this is the wild turkey club
    [Resurrection_Joe] yeah man
    [CanmoreK5] At least 14-16
    [Resurrection_Joe] wheres your WT ?
    [Resurrection_Joe] holey ****
    [Resurrection_Joe] Im on 2
    [CanmoreK5] WT?>
    [Resurrection_Joe] Wild Turkey
    [CanmoreK5] SOrry vodka and Kahlua, pretty mucj 2 botttles so far
    [CanmoreK5] And counting, godnammit
    [3_on_the_tree] I think we call that a black russian
    [Resurrection_Joe] so what the **** did you do ?
    [Resurrection_Joe] leap of faith
    [Resurrection_Joe] In canada a black russion is a hairy woodchuck
    [CanmoreK5] Very hard for someone so unjaded as you to comprehgend although I bet you could sympathize
    [Resurrection_Joe] Sure
    [Resurrection_Joe] wiener enlargement ?
    [CanmoreK5] I wil clarfiy in a fiture converstain, brother
    [Resurrection_Joe] hair plugsw ?
    [Resurrection_Joe] Brother vocabulary removal surgery
    [CanmoreK5] I wish it as something so petty
    [Resurrection_Joe] taco chips ?
    [3_on_the_tree] do I need to leave so yall can talk
    [Resurrection_Joe] that mercedes ?
    [Resurrection_Joe] no
    [Resurrection_Joe] feel free to jump in
    [CanmoreK5] No 3, it's juyst that me and RJ talk on the tele topo
    [3_on_the_tree] sounds like a life change without any backup plan
    [CanmoreK5] I love you too, man. All true CK5ers are ny brothers
    [Resurrection_Joe] tele topo is THE BEST kind of topo
    [Resurrection_Joe] nah, not just new york canny
    [Resurrection_Joe] CANNERY ROW !
    [CanmoreK5] OK, I gotta go. Just cjecking in with you, brothrers!!!!
    [CanmoreK5] Hulf hogan loves you too
    [Resurrection_Joe] BORTHER
    [CanmoreK5] HEHEH
    [Resurrection_Joe] GWAR HAR HAR
    [CanmoreK5] HEEHEE!
    [CanmoreK5] HArhjRHArjart
    [Resurrection_Joe] GIGGLES !
    [CanmoreK5] lolololo]
    [Resurrection_Joe] GOO GOO GOO HEEE HEE HEE
    [3_on_the_tree] take off shoes before climbing in bed
    [CanmoreK5] sEE YA, SHANE
    [Resurrection_Joe] BYE
    [CanmoreK5] Damn Capo lock
    [Resurrection_Joe] Im so pasting this into the lounge
    [CanmoreK5] Yaeh, kids, booze does suck. DSTayu away rfrom alcohol and break free
    [CanmoreK5] SHane sucks too. Disn't anybody tell you?
    [3_on_the_tree] its all about control
    [CanmoreK5] OK, logggin out
    [Resurrection_Joe] of your wiener
    [Resurrection_Joe] STICK SHIFT !
    [Resurrection_Joe] hit the clutch !
    [CanmoreK5] I'll PM you when I'm sober and clear this up 3
    [Resurrection_Joe] what about me
    [Resurrection_Joe] huh huh huh huh
    [CanmoreK5] I LOVE SHANE AND RJ!!!!!
    [Resurrection_Joe] sticky fingers ?
    [Resurrection_Joe] WHO DOUBLE LOVE !
    [CanmoreK5] MY BEST BUDDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [3_on_the_tree] no worries
    [Resurrection_Joe] THE DUALITY OF ME !
    [CanmoreK5] Yell it from thrt highest montsins. Luckt thesre are sithloads of them around here
    [CanmoreK5] Gotta go and deal with my leap. see ya.
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    sacramento ca
    that is teriffic:D
  3. Corey 78K5

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    Humboldt County, CA
    Once again, proof that Paul is nothing more than a light weight pussy:smirk: :rotfl:

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