Can I say "What a Dipsh!!?" - political post

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by newyorkin, Feb 17, 2003.

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    Can I say \"What a Dipsh!!?\" - political post

    Some things left out are a few FAILED plans, and his latest plan; That the U.S. should open it's oil reserves immediately to drive down the price of gas. I like the logic there: we're possibly headed into a war that may drastically affect our oil imports, and this guy wants to start using the reserves before we know if we'll need them to support us during wartime or not. Good thinking, Chuck! One of the few times I'm not proud to be a New Yawka, when my congressmen want to screw the whole country. Oops, I forgot my senator Hillary and the PC world, I meant congressPerson.

    This guy also has some of the lamest anti-gun arguments I've ever heard. I've heard him fabricate elaborate connections that, if beleivable, would have you think guns are a terrible thing that eat good people when they touch them.

    I saw him on the local news the other night talking about some stupid plan to piss away more money on something useless, and I got so mad I almost punched something. It kills me that one of his news articles has a blatent fact manipulation and stretch in it that will make him look good.

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