'Can't Understand Normal Thinking'

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    \'Can\'t Understand Normal Thinking\'

    Historical note on the word ****:

    This was was used by sailors in the old merchant marine when they used sailed vessels which used miles of rope to work everything. When a rope had to be joined or spliced together one used a fid (a sort of wooden prick with a sharp point to seperate the strands in the rope so a splice could be made).

    Check Ashley's book of knots and you will find it in there.

    It goes back to before 1,400 AD usage at sea. Sailors then
    applied the **** name to mean women ashore. Probably because
    of the similarity of the line of a womans slot to a cuntline
    in a rope. They also called their penis 'prick', after the
    fid that was used to spread open the cuntline on the ropes.
    Used enough it became part of our slang.

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