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    Hi Guys,

    Well, I just finished rebuilding the 2bbl Holley on my '59 F**D, and have gained a bit of courage.

    I was thinking, just for sh!+s and giggles that I'd go to a wrecking yard, pick up a carb for my '86 305. And try rebuilding it. But of course, now I've got questions.

    Holleys have an ID number/tag stamped on them. Is there a similar number that would appear on the GM carb that would let me know it would work on an '86 305? If so, where is it located, and anyone happen to know the number off the tops of their heads?

    Also, people told me that rebuilding a Holley was a pain in the A$$. I found it to be painful at times, but all in all, not too bad. Anyone rebuilt their GM carbs? Anything idiosyncratic to watch for?

    Thanks in advance! CK5 is the BEST place w/ the BEST info!

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    First off, check out the Q-jet info on the link in my signature below. It has a picture of where the carb ID is. Then the other links tell you how to decode it. Then go buy the Doug Roe book (printed by HP books, available at called "Rochester Carburetors" You will learn a TON about the Q-jet and its workings, as well as general carb operation. Very good reading, and a good reference.
    Any Q-jet will physically fit. What you are looking for is one off of a Chevy, probably exactly the same year.

    Things to look out for are whether or not you need the CCC (computer) Quadrajet, or a non CCC one. Make sure it has vaccuum fittings where yours has them. (drive your truck to the yard) Look at tightness in the primary throttle shaft, that is basically the only major wear point. A rebuild kit for a Quadrajet is really only a gasket kit, with TWO internal parts that wear out. If the carb has not been monkeyed with, there will likely be no linkage adjustments required, but you might want to be safe and buy a new float for it. Anymore questions, feel free to post them here, others may get useful info. Q-jets are easy to rebuild, but you have to be a bit careful on the CCC ones.

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