Carb questions, Carter 750 AFB S-9773

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    -Vehicle History::: I bought the Blazer in Colorado (mile high stadium) with a 350 SB midly modified: rv cam, electronic ignition, 6" lift 35" tires, headman headers, new exhaust the largest gears that he could put in the factory housings front & rear, Edelbrock Victor JR and Carter AFB Performance 750cfm electronic choke. The old owner was going to trick it out however I am not, so I know I will replace the Victor JR with a edelbrock perfomer; however, I want to keep the carb if possible. The original owner modified the carb for the altitude so now that I have it in normal oxygen levels in TX it does not run right i.e. backfires thru the carb hesitation etc.

    I need to know if I can make the Carter 750cfm work right on my 71 Blazer for normal drive around town aspects? If so what size Jets for Primary and Secondary? What size metering Rods? Do I need the spring set ---Or do I need to buy a diff carb and if so what, and what size do you recommend and what name brand?
    All opionions & thoughts welcome

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