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    Does anyone know how much a complete carpet kit weighs? preferably the 6 piece 36oz one from LMC.
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    LMC lists that kit for $250 in their catalog. If you want the matching door panels, that's another $40. That kit is basically a piece by piece replacement for the stock carpet. If you look at the picture in the LMC catalog, they have it layed out incorecctly, but at least it shows everything. NPI also makes a kit, but it is different. The rear carpet and wheel well covers is all one piece and I'm not sure that they include those tiny pieces that go on the bottom of the walls just behind the doors. Summit Racing told me that their kit is a "3-piece" that includes the spare tire cover, but JC Whitney says that there is no spare cover included, which is fine by me because the covers are designed for a 235/60/15 or whatever the stock size is. Summit wants about $270 and JC Whitney wants about $260, but you can get 15% off from Whitney's right now. I don't know the exact weight, but Summit ships for free (or maybe $5), Whitney gets about $15 and LMC gets around $18 for the complete carpet kits.

    I just ordered a complete NPI kit, so I can let you know the weight of that one when it comes in (in about 4 weeks [​IMG]). I believe that the weight of the kits is comparable. I went with that one because the cost was less and I was able to get some extra matching carpet to use in other places.

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