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    Well, my carb is going to be tuned today. So I guess I should be getting more than 6-8 mpg. Now, the question is, what should be my next thing to tackle? I was thinking of getting an edelbrock performer intake. But EGR intakes are kinda expensive, and I dunno if an intake will really give me a super huge power boost.
    I was thinking more in the line of getting an exaust made for the truck. Although I had to get a y-pipe bent for my headers, I need a cat back. The cat itself is a replacement . The muffler is the worst part of the entire thing since it looks like it backfired. And after the muffler there's a 2" diameter tail pipe that looks like it came off a taurus. So, I figure, the thing needs a cat-back. But I want to keep it a single or a "dummy" dual. Is it worth the single 3" inlet/ dual outlet just for the dual look? I know the mufflers for that are fairly expensive. And I need to get a 3" cat.
    So, where can I get a fairly inexpensive, yet reliable 3" converter? Are there any cat-back kits for K-5s? I wanna try to keep this under $250 for the new exaust.

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    I just ordered a gibson catback yesterday from summit ($289) and it is mandrel bent 3" all the way.

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