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CB roof mount?


1989 K5 Blazer
Dec 2, 2015
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Shelby, AL
New to the site, new to the blazer. Had to get away from the reg cabs and get something the whole fam damily could fit in. Gonna get my CB in this week. Really wanting to mount it to the roof to keep the kids from kicking/walking on it. Have not yet pulled the headliner to see what I got to work with. Just looking for some advice ahead of time. Thanks in advance y'all!


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Nov 13, 2013
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North Carolina
K5 roofs are 2 layer, what I would do is leave your headliner in place, mark where you want to screw the mounting bracket in, drill you two small holes where you marked, then screw the bracket in with some 1/2 to 3/4 inch sheetmetal screws. Then pop a small hole in your headliner and run the power wires and coax up through it so they are hidden, then run them down the A pillar. I want to eventually mount my cb up there. I have a Cobra 29 right now, currently its mounted to the tranny hump, ill post a pic tomorrow. I made a taller mounting bracket for it that way I could get the radio at an angle where I can see the faceplate. I like it where it is but eventually I'd like to move it to the roof, at the time when I installed it I just didn't feel like rerouting all my wires to the roof, because I already had the perfect length coax and power wire from the fusebox laying in the floor from my old CB.
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