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    Ok... i found a stock center console i belive from lmc truck catalog, its like 160 bucks... if i order that it should come w/ all the screws and what not.... ok now when i receive this how wuold i install it... IT bolts in to the floor obviously... but do you just screw it in and thats it... or do you have to go under the truck and ahve somone hold a washer type thing that the screw goes into?? Thanks.

    6in 87' K5 w/ 35" BFG muds.
    Kn filter

    What I need: 4.11 gears, Lim Slip Dif, Force2 Catback, rear springs , Throtle body spacer.
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    First off I wouldn't BUY a stock console after getting a Tuffy console (probably not much more than a new stock one either) But thats not what you asked.

    You need a bracket for the rear two bolts. Bracket bolts to the floor, console bolts to it. Front two bolts go straight through the floor. Actually, they are not bolts, but big sheet metal screws. Just 4 of them, thats it. I guess I could sell the tan one I have taking up space in my garage, since I won't need it again. It's cracked at the rear hinge just like they all do eventually. Has the bracket, if your interested.

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