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    Americans for Responsible Recreational Access (ARRA) has been keeping outdoor recreationalists informed of federal legislation and regulations that will impact their access to lands and waterways. But ARRA needs your help!

    ARRA needs your help to build a base of support to make sure our message is heard. If you would like to help and be part of this grassroots movement, just go to ARRA's web site and sign up to be a member at Membership is free, and ARRA does not share names or information about supporters.

    But don’t just join ARRA, win yourself a terrific prize while you are at it. After you sign up, click on the link to return to the home page and go to their Tell-A-Friend feature to ask as many people as possible to register on the ARRA site. It is vital that you sign up as a member first because that is the only way that ARRA can determine who you have signed up.

    You will be given credit for new supporters who register on the ARRA site by responding to your Tell-A-Friend email message. You can only get credit if they respond to your Tell-A-Friend email message and register as a new member.

    Be sure to get started quickly, because the contest only runs through January 31st .

    The people who recruit the most new registrants will win one of the following prizes:

    1st Prize – First Gear Leather Ranger Jacket (Men's Large); MSRP $499.95 (1 prize in this category)
    2nd Prize – First Gear Trekker Jacket (Men's XL); MSRP $299.95 (1 prize in this category)
    3rd Prize (2 prizes in this category) Malcolm Smith Racing locker bag, t-shirt and cap MSRP $59.95
    4th Prize (5 prizes in this category) Custom Chrome t-shirt and cap MSRP approx. $40.00
    5th Prize (10 prizes in this category) Custom Chrome t-shirt MSRP approx. $22.00
    6th Prize (10 prizes in this category) RevTech cap MSRP approx. $18.00

    If you would like to see a picture of the jackets or learn more about the contest, you can visit the ARRA web site at
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    I forgot all about them when I got my new computer. Thanks for the reminder.

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