CHEAP GPS's !!!!!!!

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    CHEAP GPS\'s !!!!!!!

    For anyone interested in getting a GPS for your laptop or Palm based PDA.... call your local radio shack. They are on clearance for less than $30! They must be connected to an external device such as a computer etc because they have no display. There are 2 versions available.

    Cat # 20-1601 (PDA version) and
    Cat # 20-1602 (Laptop version)

    The only differences between the 2 versions are the cable supplied and the software. If you have software already or want to find different software then you can easily make the PDA version work fine with a computer. All that you have to do is cut the PDA end off one of the supplied cables and solder a DB9 to the end.

    They are getting hard to find in most places because us ham radio guys are scooping them up left and right but some folks might still have some near by.

    The 20-1601(PDA version) seems to be what most stores have left so keep that in mind.

    Also, most radio shack stores can look up the cat#'s to see where the nearest ones are if they don't have any in stock. Some stores may even transfer the items, but don't count on it.

    Anyway... I figured I'd share for anyone that might be interested. I picked up all 4 of the ones in my town the other day so I'm set.

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