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    I got one for u. Whenever I run the old girl for 10-20 minutes on the highway my CEL comes on. everthing checks out fine after i shut her down and the light goes out after i start her back up. (I had the TBI 350 rebuilt last fall - making 200+hp) should i ignore the light (like i have been) or should i spend some $$$ ?
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    First get the codes from the computer, to see what it's complaining about. Once you know what the computer thinks is wrong, then you can start troubleshooting.

    NOTE: Don't go replacing a sensor, just because the computer says the reading from that sensor is out of spec. Often the real problem lies elsewhere. I've seen a bad coil set off all sorts of error codes, but it was just because the engine was running like crap and freaking out the computer. A bad injector will set the O2 lean code, because the engine really is running too lean. Replacing the O2 sensor in that case won't make the root cause of the problem go away.

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