Checking for Cooling System Blockages

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    How do I check for blockages in my cooling system on my 86 K5 w/350? My tranny blew up a couple days ago, and I have a suspiscion that it was due to my engine overheating. Is there some type of kit or specific procedure? Also, how do I check for blockages in my tranny cooler lines?
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    Do you have a temp gauge hooked up to the motor? If so, how was it reading? If it was high, you have a problem. If it wasn't high, I'd find a mechanical gauge and install it temporarily just ot make sure the temp readings are right. Personally, I think blockages of any type (except maybe oil drainback holes in the heads) are extremely unlikely. I don't think I would be concerned with blockages in the engine. I would be concerned that the radiator is not cooling as well as it should, or the thermostat is bad. Unless the radiator is brand new, pull it out and have it flow tested. (local radiator shop does this for free) I've had more than one radiator that LOOKED good inside and out, but was flowing less than 1/2 as much as it should.
    Tranny cooler lines, disconnect at the tranny/radiator, and blow compressed air through them. It's going to make a mess. Doubt the cooling lines being plugged is your problem either. Of course these are based on things I have seen and heard, Murphy's law applies to vehicles in spades.

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