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Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by bryguy00b, Nov 9, 2003.

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    well i bought this s-10 to drive..was going to take my truck of the road and biuldup..but..since i have gotten it i put a fair share amount fo work into it..and defenetly had my fun with it!! but....i really always wanted a blazer...and rather put my time/money into biulding a k5 rather than my im tight on money right now and i have to fix the problems on my s-10 befor its road ready and i dont have any money so..this is what i gots..

    86 silverado k-10 long bed
    body is in pretty good shape considering its spent its whole life up is gettin kinda ratty...cant put a tailgate on it at the moment cuase its rusted out at the bedposts.....but overall its a pretty solid truck..good mounts, supports and all that
    its got a pretty peppy 350 with headers..and a shitty dual exhuast system i was planning on replacing once it was off the road..700 tranny, shifts great, and a good as well. 10 bolts are in good shape..good brakes..has 3.08's. has a 2" lift with biult up spring packs..and new 33" dunlup mudrovers on blue rally's with all the trim. Black "rollbar"/lightbar, CD player, tach, tranny cooler, tranny temp. gauge as well but needs new sending unit, just replaced gas tank and sender, its been very well kept up with. i have a new rear chrome step bumper for it..and a good tailgate should you ever fix the box. truck is realiable as hell, i wouldnt hesistate to drive it any were..(except for the gas prices) ill try and get pics up..

    im entertaining offers...would like to get 2500 from it..but im starting it there. /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

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