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    a buddy here at work just got a '69 landcruiser from his father-in-law. the motor is seized, so i suggested dropping in a small block. he said he was already thinking of that, and wanted to know if i knew where to get a complete chevy drive-train, new enough to have fuel injection.
    he's thinking of maybe a rolled truck or something, totaled by the insurance weenies. he wants to use the engine, axles, disc brakes, xfer case, everything.
    so, if you know where something like this is, let me know. or, if you know where to look, let me know.
    i'm in california, but i think he'd ship for the right pile o' parts.

    ps i tried to talk him into trading it for a blazer, but it was no dice. i'll try again when he's up to his arse in the swap.

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