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    I got this off of another list that I am on, I wish that clinton could just quit playing these little games, doesn't he get it that we want publIc lands to be PUBLIC

    I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what this is, but it sounds to me
    like the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA) died (thankfully) so
    something else was hastily thrown together and rolled into the Interior
    Appropriations Bill. Next thing ya know (Ta Da) $12 billion over six years
    for purchasing land. Well, I guess that's better than the $45 billion CARA
    would have given them. But it still stinks! (CARA was unaffectionately
    known as the Condemnation & Relocation Act.)


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    Clinton signs bill with conservation money<
    AP White House Correspondent=
    WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Clinton signed a major conservation bill
    Wednesday that will double spending next year for federal land acquisition
    and preservation. He said the measure ``provides a lasting legacy for our
    The interior appropriations bill earmarks $12 billion over six years for
    purchasing fragile lands, maintaining parks, preserving wildlife and other
    initiatives. ``This is a truly historic achievement, achieved in a genuine
    bipartisan spirit,'' the president said.<
    He signed the bill in the Oval Office, surrounded by leaders of
    environmental organizations. Moments later, Clinton went to the Rose Garden
    on a crisp fall day and urged Congress, in its closing days, to pass his
    initiatives on education, crime-fighting, equal pay for women, and HMO
    The bill budgets $1.6 billion next year for land acquisition and
    conservation, with that figure rising to $2.4 billion a year by 2006.
    Clinton originally had asked for a $3-billion-a-year plan but said the
    compromise with Congress ``represents a major leap forward in the quest to
    preserve our environment.''<
    Clinton was joined at the signing by Reps. Ralph Regula, R-Ohio, and
    Norman Dicks, D-Wash., who helped steer the bill through Congress.<
    The president said the measure ``will provide better funding to take
    better care of our national parks and deal with a lot of pent-up maintenance
    needs. It will increase support for firefighters and preventing forest
    fires, something America has seen all too much of in the last few months''<
    While praising the bill's provisions, Clinton said, ``Just as important
    is the fact that the bill does not include contentious riders which would
    have damaged our environment. This legislation is proof positive that when
    we sit down together and work in a bipartisan spirit we can do things for
    the American people.''<
    Overall, the bill appropriates $16.9 billion for the Interior Department
    and other agencies. It will provide $225 million for the National Endowment
    for the Arts _ the first funding increase for the NEA since 1995, when
    critics in Congress tried to kill it.<

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