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    Just an update because I was asking all the starter question last week . . . the Chevy hi-torque starter can be clocked AND can be installed right side up or up side down. The starter gear is located 1/2" different depending upon whether you install the starter upside down or right side up. Plus you can clock the thing so that the selenoid is about 10" to 12" away from the header. My old starter would only bolt in one way. I flipped this one and clocked it and it hooked up fine, without any shims.

    FYI, I learned from GM, there is not automatic or manual starter. Instead, there are two sizes of flywheel and flexplate. Also, there are two numbers of teeth. Generally, the starters with the offset mounting holes are for the larger flywheel and the straight accross ones are for the smaller ones EXCEPT for the high performance starters which are straight accross mounting patterns but have two sets of holes (essentially four mounting positions if you flip the block upside down). I hope that helps someone because I spent several hours learning what I needed to know on something that I never gave any thought to before, ie, just bolting up a starter.

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