Code 32 and high idle problem

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    I'm not sure if these two problems are related. On my '87 K5 w/350 TBI the "Service Engine Soon" light comes on during constant throttle on the highway, 60-70 mph and sometimes at lower speeds, around 30-35 mph. The only code stored in my computer is code 32.
    The other problem I have is a high idle (1500-1600 rpm). Sometimes if I stomp on the gas and let off abruptly, the idle goes down to 500-600 rpm. I wish this would fix the high idle every time! Normally it goes right back to high idle.

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    Code 32 can be either MAP sensor or EGR.
    First check ALL your vacume lines make sure they are hooked up and have no holes in them. Your high idle problem may be caused by a vacume leak.
    If vacume lines are ok Then it could be that your EGR valve is stuck,not operating, or the EGR solonoid is bad.
    Pull and clean or replace the EGR and check all hoses and TB base gasket for vacume leaks.

    Prolly not a bad MAP sensor when the MAP sensor goes bad you will usually get a rough idle.

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