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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by Missourioffroad, May 15, 2002.

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    This has probably been answered already, but I could not find it. How long were the shocks you used on your K5. I saw where you wrote that they were 2.5" but Im trying to find the compressed height. I'm doing a coil over on my K5. I want the front to match the 8" leaf lift in the rear. As of now, it mesures 24" from the axle to the upper shock mounts. If I add 8" to it that would put it at 32" for ride height. Unfortunatly, they dont give you ride height when you ordered shocks. So, that is my question. What size shock do I need if I want it to be 32" long at ride height...Thanks for any help
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    Coil over suspension design is WAY more than we can go into here, but to answer your question, mine are 16" travel and are about 43" fully extended. I think a 14" king is about 38" extended.
    At this point you get into deciding how much droop and compression travel you want and part of that depends on how stiff a spring you want to run, etc, etc etc.
    Learn a lot about coilover suspensions before you start, and unfortunately there is not a book. I used vehicle dynamics books and a lot of common sense engineering to get to where I could understand coilovers and even then there were a few things I missed.

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