Coilover ????'s

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by smp, Jun 27, 2001.

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    Coilover ????\'s

    What coilovers are you running? brand? size?
    They look like dual rate what would be the benifits over single rate?
    How do you figure the spring rates and ride height when installing coilovers?
    Sorry for all the ?'s but i am eager to find more info on coilover and 3-4 link do you know of any books, or websites that i might beable to find more info?
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    Re: Coilover ????\'s

    You're right, this is more involved than I can get here.
    To answer what I can:
    I used King coilovers, they're 2.5" diameter reservoir shocks with 16" travel. The coils are actually single rate at this point, 250lb on both springs. I'm going stiffer for sure, it's too soft. Doing it again, I'd think about using 14" shocks also. The vertical travel is nice for going fast though.
    Spring rates and ride heights are just figured mathmatically. You know your weight and spring rate and leverage ratio, then you can figure how far it will compress.
    You might check the site for more info, they have a little bit. Otherwise, check out some circle track racing books, a lot of the principles transfer to 4wd's and there's a load of info out there for roundy round racers. I integrated 5 years of mechanical engineering school with some circle track experience with a good bit of off roading to get where I am, and still have a lot to learn.

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