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    ok, im jumping into/on the blazer/ck5 bandwagon FULL THROTTLE. come on people lets rally together and help the site ! i know lots of you have at home horded info/pics of blazer related items and topics. SHARE IT ! if you find stuff on the net relay it to ck5. i know some of you are doing it, but there are lots more that arent. i think it also would be cool just to have a page of trick ideas/mods regardless of expense and difficulty, instead of having to do a search in hopes of coming across something. there are a few in the tech section but ive seen many more just in the plain old posts. also it would be cool to have a section just on the different interior variations between blazer/jimmy models such as can be seen in cheyenne pu parts. ( i.e. custom deluxe, cheyenne, and silverado.) we all use this site and even if you dont join, contribute something back just because it is FREE ! if you find a company that carries blazer resto products recommend it be added to the links. just a little could help alot and alot of people. im not a no- it -all just some one wanting to keep a good thing going strong. also in the top right hand corner of most of this sites pages, VOTE, to help out the site. thanks.

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