Complete Autometer Gauge Set ----Sport Comp for Custom Dash

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by ford_assassin, Dec 9, 2003.

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    Nov 8, 2003
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    6 never used, black faced, Auto Meter Sport-Comp gauges. I bought them all new for a project car from Summit Racing, although it never came to be. Feel free to look them up yourself:

    The auction includes: 120 mph 3 3/8" diameter speedo (new $75.00, part #3992), 8000 RPM 3 3/8" tach ($88 new, part #3991), and the following gauges are all 2 1/16" diameter: fuel level (new $34, part #3314), oil pressure (new $50, part #3327), water temp (new $40, part #3337), and volt meter (new $36, part #3391).

    The set is all electric, except the speedometer which is mechanical. The fuel guage is for GM ohm style, the oil pressure gauge includes the sender, so does the water gauge.

    This is your chance to own a complete set for your custom dash, without the high cost. If you find that you can't use something it the set, resell it on ebay.

    Shipping based on location, thanks guys!!
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    So are you selling them here for a set price or on an ebay auction?
    Shouldn't this be in the ebay forum?

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