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Complete Dana 60 rebuild kit


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Oct 28, 2019
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Conroe, Texas
Hey ORD,

I tried to send you an email through your website, but my work laptop blocked it I think.

I already have a slew of your products on my truck, and so far everything is great. Custom springs, shocks, crossover steering, rear flip kit, FUSH kit, and kevlar greasable bushings.

Next up, I need to rebuild my Dana 60 steer axle. With help from the guys on this site, I believe it is out of a 89-93 dodge 1 ton pickup.

I want to replace pretty much everything on this axle. I already have a new carrier and ring and pinion for it. But I want to replace all the bearings, seals, axle u-joints, wheel bearings, kingpin bushings, and a new cover. I'm getting a little lost making sure all the specs are correct before I order.

Do you guys have a kit for this? Or can you help me build a kit? I have seen one or two kits out there like this, but I'm leery ordering, as they don't specify what version of Dana 60 they are for.
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