Completely rebuilt 8 lug D44 with 4.10's

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    Completely rebuilt 8 lug D44 with 4.10\'s

    Totally rebuilt, bolt in and roll-

    Wheel bearings and races are new. Grease seals are new. Both axle shafts have new ujoints in them. Both the oil seals inside the housing are new. Carrier bearings and races are new. All four ball joints are new. The rotors aren't new, but are in pretty good shape. If you want the calipers/pads, they were new in January. It's a '71 D44, so it has the stock, original external hubs, and flat top knuckle on the passenger side for crossover. The tie rod is as straight as an arrow. It hasn't been driven on at all since rebuilding, just rolled around the property. About the only things I haven't replaced, are the pinion bearings, becuase I don't want to go through the hassle of re-setting the gears, and the pinion seal, It doesn't leak. I suppose you could replace the tie rod ends, but thats about it. Even the 80/90 is fresh and un used.

    These are the best pictures I have-


    $350 fairly firm on that. And no trades- Startin the D60 fund. /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif I'm in Grass Valley, CA, But I'll deliver to most of the Sacramento area. Can also be picked up here. Not gonna mess with shipping. PM me or reply to this thread.

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