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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by greg83k5, Feb 27, 2002.

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    so i got a 40 gig HD and slapped it into my win95 machine-

    it said, whoa, we're in a 16bit environment here, and we don't support HD over 2 gig, so it partitioned my [censored] into 20 partitioned 2 gig drives.....

    upgrade to win98 ( what an upgrade, this sucks worse than 95, my neighbor has NT2K that i'm gonna front as soon as i get around to it), and my boot disk to install win98 freaks out and tells me there aren't enough drive letters for my 2 cdroms, which i need to load win98...

    following me so far?

    so i use FDISK to delete some partitions, and that didn't work but somehow i got it to see the cdroms, and i loaded the OS..... anyway....

    some of those partitions i deleted had like 4 gigs of mp3s on them.... doh..... anyway i was noticing that i didn't have 40 gigs of total storage space, went back to FDISK and scooped up all that unpartitioned HD space and got drive "n".... which is unformatted, and unacessible, and has about 5 gigs of data in it so far as my little utilities can tell....

    so there's no data in the boot sector, and to reformat it means to lose all data in there anyway..

    so am i screwed and that data is gone, or is there a utility to retrieve it, or what?

    oh and also now windows refuses to see my cdroms, they are unavailable... WTF?

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    techinically the information is still there, but in all practicality your screwed... (retrieving it is another matter)

    if it was me I'd delete all the partitions, create one, and install whatever OS you want. (oh yea, and backup what you can that you still have access to)

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    Are you able to boot from the new drive?

    The 5Gb on the unpartitioned space is probably unrecoverable, it's probably data left there from before you modified the partition table (which doesn't destroy the data, it just basically marks it as non-existant and overwritable space). There might be some Norton utilities you can use to scour the drive, but I've always had cruddy luck with those (tried to recover a drive full of audio commercials once, when they were recovered, they sounds like scratched records)...

    Win2k can only format Fat32 patitions up to 32Gb, so your best bet, to get the entire 40Gb as one logical drive (basically, 1 letter), is NTFS, which is inaccessible from any OS except NT4 &amp; 2k, so follow that route only if you never plan to use the drive with win98 again.

    My suggestion at this point, is to salvage any data you can access and move it to another drive. Boot the system to dos off the win98 CD with CD support. Fdisk and nuke all partitions. Create 2 partitions (i.e. 1 10G for system, 30Gb for data storage such as mp3's). Format the 10Gb from the same dos boot session, then reboot to the cd and start setup from the win98 cd. Once you have a good win98 setup, format the other drive and go to town.

    Good luck!

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