Constitutional Crisis

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    The Democrats are provoking a constitutional crisis and threatening
    legal action over a handful of votes in Florida. That news is all over
    mainstream media--but the bigger story is NOT being reported. This is
    because the networks are responsible for perhaps millions of votes not
    cast for Bush. They threw the election to Gore. If they Democrats want
    a legal challenge we can play that game too--READ ON.

    Republican voters are savvy and realized that if Bush carried--JUST
    ONE-- Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Florida--that the election would be
    his. When
    the networks proclaimed Gore the winner in Florida (approximately 4:30
    Pacific Time) a collective wave of Republican despair swept over the
    from east to west, simultaneously the Democratic base was energized and
    Gore did far better than most polls predicted he would. Millions of
    Republicans thought the election was lost and quit going to the polls,
    going door-to-door, abandoned phone banks, and threw in the towel. THE
    POLLS WERE NOT YET CLOSED IN FLORIDA (in the Central time zone) when the
    networks made that prediction. Millions of voters in the later time
    zones from east to west believed the election to be over long before it
    really was. By the time the networks pulled Florida from the Gore
    column the
    damage had been done--the American media had given the Gore camp the
    biggest assist in history of American politics. When Florida changed
    on the electoral map, most of the nation's polls had already closed.

    Whether deliberate or not--the networks did real harm to millions of
    Americans and our Democratic process. Despite this dirtiest of all
    tricks, Bush is
    likely to win anyway. Democrats have vowed a legal challenge to any
    outcome that favors Bush.

    Hugh Hewitt, conservative radio talk show host, is gathering information
    from individuals who were deterred from voting Republican because of the

    Florida boondoggle. If you are (or know of) such a person, and are
    willing to testify about it, send Hugh a note at<info@kiev.870com> put
    name in the body of the message. See more about Hugh
    1) If the Democrats want to precipitate a Constitutional crisis over
    3,000 confused voters in Palm Beach County--we can up the ante by a few

    2) Once again, the networks have prematurely called Gore the winner of
    the popular vote. The votes are not yet tallied, once they are Bush may
    that too. Certainly he would have if all that intended to vote for Bush
    actually did Undeniably, MILLIONS OF VOTERS' actions were altered by
    events of Tuesday night. But the only thing we're hearing about is some
    confused voters in Florida--and a call for abolishing the Electoral
    The Democrats and the Liberal media are attempting a bloodless
    coup--don't let them do it! Write letters to the newspapers and keep
    the pressure
    on. Bush has won, and don't let the liberal media tell you otherwise.

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