Crazy idea thread.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by gauder, Dec 10, 2005.

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    (this thread is intended to make you laugh, and in no way is it to be misinterpretted as serious)

    Screw political correctness.

    I am making it my goal to introduce pork to all Jews and Muslims. Think of all the money that can be made from that untapped resource.

    I will no longer use the words dreidel, yarmulke, or menorrah. From now on it will be holiday top, beanie, and seasonal candle holder. (thanks to another member for this idea).

    I will continue to use the terms ACTRESS and COMEDIENNE. Has anybody else noticed that females are now actors and comedians?

    I will still use terms like cripple, handicapped, mentally retarded, deaf, dumb, blind etc. I will not call people "differently abled".

    I will be proud to be a white male, since it is okay for other races to be proud of themselves.

    I will harass convicted pedophiles, even after they have "served their debt to society", until they let their victims ram some blunt object up their cornhole. Even then I may still harass them.

    How come women are all for equality between the sexes until:

    a) it comes time to lift something heavy
    b) time to take out the trash
    c) it's okay for them to have lower auto insurance even when
    they think the proper use for mirrors is applying make-up

    Warrior is apparently a term related only to Native American Indians (at least according to the NCAA)

    Reclaim the rainbow from homosexuals for all of our children. So they can draw them in art class without someone calling them a homo.
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