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crazy people

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by big dan, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. big dan

    big dan 1/2 ton status Premium Member

    Aug 1, 2005
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    I was just down at the creek fishing and as we were leaving a crazy old man came up and started talking to us. I knew he was just a crazy old crack head but he started talking about my truck and said he couldnt wait to get his 3/4 ton going so he could drive around where I did. I ventured to ask what he was driving and he expained that it was an old chevy with a 1 ton dana 14 bolt. Not really that big a deal but I died laughing when he told me that. Later we went back swimming in a spot where lots of people like to go and about 15 kids that were all 16 and under showed up. All of them were smoking, not suprising for this area, but after about 30 minutes they started breaking out the weed and meth. Not really my thing, in fact Im so against drugs that its not even funny. Does anyone else have nice places they like to venture that get overrun by pot head kids?:mad:
  2. muddysub

    muddysub 1 ton suburban status Staff Member Moderator GMOTM Winner

    Jun 23, 2001
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    my garage, Henderson, NV
    cedar mountain southern utah!!

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