Credit card/gift card scam

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Z3PR, Jan 26, 2005.

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    On the news tonight they were talking about how theives use stolden credit cards too buy gift cards and then sell the gift cards for cash. Just made me think of the Goodyear tire gift card on Ebay.
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    There's a lot of scams going on with e-bay at the moment. One is where they steal your identity. They tend to put a REALLY good deal up for auction, so good that you just have to have a look. Then with so many people looking at it they've got a good chance of hijacking your details. Once they have your details they hope that your phone line account has the same password (on your pc) which a lot of people do. Once they have that...they are you! A good friend of mine had this done to him. Not only did they get his credit card numbers via e-bay/paypal, they put a rare oil painting up for sale (which ofcourse they didn't even have) and put a REALLY cheap 'buy it now' price on it of £5000 (about $9000). Someone bought it. They lost their money and my mate got investigated over it!
    So if you see a 58 Vette up for $500 don't even go and look at that page!!
    Another guy in England saw HIS car for sale on e-bay!!! He had to post an auction just to tell people not to bid on it as it was his and not for sale!!!

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