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    I was just wondering about what seems could be another option for cross-over steering on my K5. What about using a 2wd box with the dropped arm, but going to the tie rod instead of the passenger side knuckle with the curved rockrod. My tie rod has the steering stabilizer hole on the passenger side and I have seen this setup on jeeps and the like. I know the angles might not be right on, but would it be better than the stock setup? Safe? What do you think?
  1. Why would you do that? That is alot of custom work unless you use stock ford pieces or something like that. Why not just spend the $500 and get the crossover steering system from ORU? I believe crossover steering is where the drag link goes over the leaf spring on leaf sprung vehicles. What you discuss is better than stock, but not near as effective as a tru crossover system using a steering arm on the passenger side.
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    Going to the tie rod works, but don't use the GM stabilizer hole, we have friends that tried that on heaps and bent em. Problems with the drag ling to tie rod are:
    Bent draglink, no matter how beefy, it's not as strong as a straight tube
    BIG angles, you'll have a lot more bumpsteer, and crossovers are already bad enough with the draglink going to the knuckle.
    Rocking the tie rod on steering, you'll roll the joints over every time you steer which translates to slop.
    Shorter effective draglink, which makes for more bumpsteer, see above on this subject.

    That's why you end up running to the knuckle for best results.

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