Crossover steering on a 4 inch lift?

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by txtough, Jan 2, 2004.

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    I just bought a front 4" and a rear shackle kit as well as the drop pitman arm you recommended and the steering brace kit. I still hope to tighten up the steering a little more and wondered what advantage a cross over set up might offer. I have also read of a tighter ratio steering box can you make a recommendation please.

    PS to everyone that reads this I have been in the automotive parts industry for 10 years and have never seen better customer service.
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    As long as your joints are in good shape, what you have is about as good as it will get. A variable ratio steering box could be a nice addition if you don't already have one but there's not much else to do. Typically the crossover system shows more advantage in offroad situations although running crossover with a panhard bar can give you nice street manners. As long as you don't mind the swaybar being gone. And the panhard bar will bind the suspension up some also.

    This may be a bit disjointed, I don't seem to have much thought flow right now, maybe I should answer these questions in the morning....

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