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    i'm looking at redesigning my front shock mounts. I currently have a dual shock set up in the stock location. I'm wanting to add a 1" zero rate to the front and heavy duty shackles. Since i don't want to buy all new shock for the right length or even Ford brackets, I was thinking I could build a bracket that fit on top of the spring pack sandwitched under the spring plate/ sway bar mount to hold the two shocks in the up right postion. I already custom made some rear shock mounts so I want to do something in the front. Is there anything wrong with mounting the front shocks stright up since the axel will want to push to the back as it flexes. Or should I wait and flex this pig out when I'm done and see if my current shocks are even long enough to work. I need imput even if it is 2 cents at a time,lol

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