CV shafts - changes?

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    When I put the 14 bolt under my Jeep, I went to a CV shaft in the rear. I changed the output shaft of the 205 to accept the CV shaft. The front was not needed.

    Now that I am putting the drvetrain in the Blazer, I wil just get my rear CV driveshaft extended, easy. But, I am thinking I will also need to goto a CV shaft up front.

    Am I correct to assume I will need to change the front output shaft of the 205 like I did the rear? If so, anything differant that I should know?

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    Check out the 205 info section on ORDs site, they list all the yokes available for each shaft, i think its somehting like, 10 spline will take a 1310 ujoint or spicer cv, and the 30 spline will take a 1310, a larger one, a flange for the Saginaw style cv, and thats all my fuzzy memory can recall , but ya they spell it all out on the site.

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