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    Was kind of curious to the different applications. Are the hubs, rotors, and calipers different on Ford, Dodge, and Chevy Dana 60 fronts? I have a buddy wanting to put a HP D60 front into his 2002 Chevy HD, but wants to make sure all the brake lines ect..... will work.
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    Dodge and GM are very similar, housings are different widths and use different inner axles but as far as I know most of the rest is the same. Fords are mostly different, they use a different knuckle, spindle, hub rotor, etc. Obviously housings are different too. I think you can swap the knuckle out between GM and Ford but you have to use the full knuckle out assembly.

    Then there's the balljoint ford D60 which is a whole different story too.

    I'd say if you want a HP LH front, use the ford as is and call it good. You'll just have to do what it takes to make brakelines and steering work.
  2. That is what I was thinking to do. It can't be too hard to get the brakelines made GM on one end and Ford on the other.

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