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Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by Lonnie, Dec 2, 2002.

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    I hope a few of you can shed some light on my new project. It's a 77 1/2 ton pickup 3" body, 4" suspension with 35x14.50 M/T's.

    I am currently planning a suspension upgrade with D60 & 6" lift (springs front & rear). I did a few searches & got some good info, but was hoping to find someone with my same proposed combination to shed some light on what does & doesn't work.

    1. I looked into Skyjacker & Tuff Country springs. Both seem to have a good rep., but anyone have a good comparison of the 2? I like the teflon wear pad idea (no squeaks)& soft ride on the street. Have an old set of Rugged Trail 4" springs that held up well, but are stiff & dropped about a 1/2 inch with the 427. Due to the big-block, front end weight will be an issue. Truck will not see severe offroad duty, but will not be babied. I have too many broken d44 parts to count, hence the D60 upgrade.

    2. Extended front shackles. I broke a lot of stock length units over the years. 1" lift Hill units or ORD's? Frame interference is a concern as is pinion angle. Experiences with both & what pinion shims are needed with these as a starting point. I hear the skyjackers have shims attached.

    3. Steering block or dropped pittman arm? Problems with either? Don't want to spend the cash on a crossover as I already have a new steering box and drag link.

    4. I have a 3" body lift & plan on 38.5" tires. There isn't much in the way of rocks to climb...only mud & hills in my area so severe flexing will not likely happen. Will I have problems with fender interference? I cannot bring myself to cut the new GM sheetmetal.

    5. Lift height. To get 6" lift, there can be many combinations. 5.5" springs with d60 or... 4" springs, shackles & zero rates. or ???. Anyone with D60, Big Block & 38.5's for suggestions?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    Wow this has some loaded ?'s in it but here it goes.

    First off I would go with BDS springs. Yes I'm partial to BDS but read there warrenty once. They stand behind their products 100%. I will assume with the D60 you will be running a 14ff in the rear. The Dana itself will add a little lift because of the perches on the axle. As far as shackels go I would either make my own or go with ORD's. As far as steering goes I'de start with the steering block and see how level the drag link is, then if needed go with a dropped pitman arm. I think no matter what springs you use you are going to loose a little lift with the extra weight of the big block unless you get stiffer 1 ton springs. With 38's and 9" of lift you should be ok with out having to trim fenders. I had 38.5" Ground Hawgs on my K5 with just 5" suspention lift and just the bottom corners knocked off the fenders and they cleared untill I flexed it.

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